The acclaimed new documentary A La Calle—a riveting portrait of Venezuelans taking to the street (as the title has it) to counter the autocracy and corruption of the Maduro government—is available for streaming via HBO Max.

The film's 9/15 drop coincides with International Democracy Day, which we might consider treating a bit more like a holiday in this country.

The sensationally well-reviewed film is accompanied by an equally compelling soundtrack. Venezuelan Elik Álvarez provides the score; after some 70 film, TV and doc projects, he found this undertaking distinctly personal. "For A La Calle, I combined traditional Venezuelan rhythms and distinctive Latin American instrumentation with processed strings and organic textures to underscore the dramatic struggle of the Venezuelan people to restore democracy to our country," he explains. "'Rendition to Venezuela,' the song that plays over the end credits, has particular significance for me; I wanted to create an emotionally haunting piece inspired by the Venezuelan National Anthem that would convey the profound grief of an entire country."

Directors Nelson G. Navarrete and Maxx Caicedo knew Álvarez was the ideal choice to shape the film's stirring music, which features indelible work by renowned cuatro player Rafael "El Pollo" Brito; Liza Wallace on the arpa llanera (Venezuelan harp); and percussionist Yonathan "Morocho" Gavidia. "Rendition to Venezuela" is enriched by the contributions of superb musicians like pianist Otmaro Ruiz, singer Lisbeth Scott and cellist Isaiah Gage.

The soundtrack and trailer for A La Calle appear below.