The Black Music Action Coalition (BMAC) will honor the recipients of its Music in Action Awards on 9/23 at West Hollywood's 1 Hotel. In addition to commemorating the recent release of its annual Music Industry Report Card, BMAC will present The Weeknd with the Quincy Jones Humanitarian Award.

Just over a year ago, the music industry made promises to work toward eliminating the racial injustice and inequality that have long plagued it. The Music Industry Action Report Card holds companies to their promises and supports them in their progress. It also allows them to establish an otherwise mutually advantageous union with BMAC.

Said BMAC co-chair, artist manager and music exec Binta Niambi Brown, “BMAC promised to work with the music industry to advance racial equity, and we are proud to have done everything we said we would do. Now, while we celebrate the achievements of our industry, we also look forward to continued work with every company in our industry to eliminate all forms of systemic and structural racism. We welcome conversations with all who share our commitment to justice and equality and are enthusiastic about the change we will create together.

Jeffery Azoff, co-chair of BMAC’s Executive Leadership Council and CEO/founder of Full Stop Management, commented, “The work that BMAC is doing is nothing short of inspiring. I am beyond humbled to be able to serve as co-chair of the Executive Leadership Council as I have no doubt that this group of people is dedicated to making a positive change in our industry for generations to come.”

GIANT Records president and Executive Leadership Council co-chair Shawn Holiday added, “This event will be a powerful way to honor our peers who've done the work to make a difference in our industry and broader society.”

The Black Music Action Coalition Music in Action Awards recognize musicians, music executives and music businesses that have made the most significant contributions to social justice, change and/or equity over the preceding year. The honors also span the Berry Gordy Social Impact Award, the Clarence Avant Trailblazer Award and the Agent of Change Award.