RCA's Kings of Leon have partnered with YellowHeart to release a digital-art collection, NFT Yourself, which coincides with the release of their new album, When You See Yourself, arriving Friday (3/5).

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have emerged as part of a new, cryptocurrency-adjacent digital economy; instead of trading one crypto coin (e.g. Bitcoin) for another, NFTs are unique trading cards certified by a public blockchain via Ethereum. Digital-art transactions through NFTs have been occurring more rapidly lately, with big (real) bucks attached.

Phew. Back to Kings of Leon.

NFT Yourself was born of a collaboration with longtime KOL creative partner Night After Night. YellowHeart, which is making the collection available, is the world’s first socially responsible ticketing platform and a pioneer of the growing trend of NFTs empowering artists to sell collectibles directly to fans. The company was founded by Josh Katz, Disruptor's Adam Alpert and The Chainsmokers.

The Kings cache includes 25 unique pieces, starting with an exclusive, $50 NFT collectible and limited-edition Golden Eye Vinyl, all proceeds from the sale of which will benefit Live Nation’s Crew Nation Fund. The NFT open edition will run for two weeks starting 3/5 at 12pm ET.

Collectors will also have the chance to bid on one of six GOLDEN TICKET experiences that offer fans four front-row seats each tour to the show of their choosing anywhere in the world for life. GOLDEN TICKET experience Bandit #2 Wave, the centerpiece of this collection, is expected to fetch the highest price, which will also benefit Crew Nation.

While many creators have been offering unique digital-art pieces for sale via NFTs, Kings of Leon's NFT Yourself marks the first major album release to provide fans with NFT options.

NFT Yourself will be revealed here Thursday and will open for auction Friday at 12pm ET.