The next time you go to a concert in New Jersey, you’ll be able to legally buy some weed before heading to the show.

Garden State Gov. Phil Murphy signed three marijuana-related bills Monday, opening the door to recreational use of the chronic by adults 21 and older. At the same time, the state announced guidelines for the reopening of sports and entertainment venues.

Venues with 5,000 or more seats can open as soon as next week. Indoor halls will be limited to 10% capacity; outdoor spaces are capped at 15%. Unlike New York, the state is not requiring COVID-19 test results for attendees or employees, but everyone at an event will be required to wear face coverings and remain socially distanced.

The first beneficiary of the reopening will be the New Jersey Devils, who will start allowing fans in on 3/2 for their game with the New York Islanders.

The governor is hoping capacity restrictions may be eased this summer, when the 80,000-plus-seat Met Life Stadium will be available for large concerts ahead of the NFL season. (Pot may well be needed to sit through a Jets game).

While Murphy was dreaming of the return of Sunday turnpike traffic jams at Exit 16W, he was also undoubtedly envisioning new tax revenue from legal herb.

The new cannabis law decriminalizes possession of up to six ounces. Dispensaries are expected to be stocked and ready for business six to 12 months from now. You still can’t grow your own, however, and it remains illegal to take a hit where smoking is banned. Smoking lounges like the coffee shops of Amsterdam will be allowed under the new regulations.

New Yorkers, meanwhile, will be able to go to Jersey, buy ganja and smoke it in the state but will be breaking the law if they return home with product. Brings new meaning to the Holland Tunnel, dontcha think?