The Michael Bolton CharitiesChords of Hope RWQuarantunes event has raised $277,000 to support its music-therapy program for at-risk youth.

Among those who performed or appeared during the 12/12 presentation were Bolton, Walter Afanasieff, Rick Astley, Kenny G, Jimmy Jam, Dave Mason, Richard Marx and Johnny Mathis. The Michael Bolton Charities Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to Rita Smith, a leading voice in domestic-violence prevention.

“I was truly touched by the outpouring of support for our work, from long-time friends to more recent friends to people who stepped up to join us for the first time,” Bolton said. “Because of the generosity of so many dedicated individuals, we are harnessing the healing power of music to help resilient young people gain the confidence necessary to overcome acute trauma. These months of isolation at home and away from school have heightened the risk for these vulnerable children.”

The Michael Bolton Charities has been dedicated to assisting children and women at risk from domestic abuse and violence since its founding 27 years ago.

Richard Weitz and his daughter Demi’s RWQuarantunes have put together virtual shows on Zoom that have raised nearly $15m since the start of the pandemic. Next up is UJA RWQuarantunes honoring Doug Davis on Wednesday.