On the heels of a DoggFace208's viral TikTok vibe, Fleetwood Mac has returned to the top of the charts. "Dreams"—which served as the soundtrack to the Ocean Spray-drinking-and-cruising clip—went #1 at iTunes Monday evening, and is now Top 15 at Spotify and Top 40 at Apple Music. The latest positions are new peaks at each of the DSPs for the band and song.

The Mac's Greatest Hits album (Warner) is up to #2 at iTunes, with Rumours close behind at #9. Two versions of "Dreams" are in the top 10 at iTunes.

As so often happens with streaming, Fleetwood Mac's boost is affecting the rest of their catalog. "The Chain" and "Landslide" are now inside Spotify's Top 200.

Rumours re-emerged inside the Top 30 on the album chart last week behind the viral video. But it's looking like that was just the tip of the iceberg. Mick Fleetwood posted his own version of the TikTok craze on Sunday, vibing to "Dreams" and drinking Ocean Spray as a tribute to DoggFace208's clip.

Watch Mick's response below. Can we get some vodka?