Ingrooves has secured a patent for AI technology that identifies members of an artist’s audience with potential to become superfans.

The patent (No. 10,755,291) is for a proprietary method of leveraging artificial intelligence to detect significant shifts in audience engagement and identify high-value streaming audiences. Chief Analytics Officer Dr. SK Sharma and its internal AI team developed the tech in-house.

“This proprietary technology is a ‘gamechanger’ for music marketers and the artists they represent and we’re excited to further integrate it into our platform,” said Ingrooves CEO Bob Roback. “Reflecting years of innovation and investment, this is a huge accomplishment for SK and his team, but it’s only one initiative on our roadmap to revolutionize music marketing for our clients.”

The company has begun integrating the new technology within Ingrooves’ Trends Now platform, where it can alert labels to growth opportunities for their artists and tracks. Ingrooves will additionally embed the technology into a new, proprietary ad-buying solution within the company’s Dispatch marketing platform later this year.

“Music consumption generates an enormous trove of data, but it’s only valuable to artists and labels if it can be used to analyze audience behavior and translated into real-time marketing options quickly,” Dr. Sharma commented. “With this patented AI-based approach, our clients will benefit even further from our unparalleled ability to unlock marketing opportunities from the richest music data in the world.”