"Dynamite," the first-ever all-English single by Big Hit/Columbia's K-Pop sensations BTS, is on the verge of having the biggest first-day numbers ever at Spotify—and, indeed, the biggest first day overall. Ron Perry is hitting his refresh button constantly as the numbers climb.

The cut had amassed 9.8m streams on the Spot early in the day on 8/21 and looked a cinch to pass Ed Sheeran/Justin Bieber's "I Don't Care" (just south of 11m) and Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas" (12m+ on Christmas day). The cut also topped the iTunes singles chart.

At radio, meanwhile, "Dynamite" has flown to #8 on the Mediabase real-time chart (shout-out to Alissa Pollack, who loves the term "real time"). The Big Red promo squad is crushing it and you can download glamour pics of each team member; Peter Gray is still deciding which one will be his iPhone screensaver.

How big will this one get? We're thinking very. We'll be watching closely; stay tuned.