Multiple reports have indicated President Trump will force ByteDance to sell the U.S. operations of TikTok. Bloomberg and Fox News have reported Microsoft as the potential buyer.

Throughout summer, TikTok has been public enemy number one, targeted by other big tech companies (Facebook, Triller, Amazon) along with GOP representative and President Trump's campaign ads.

Earlier this week, the most powerful tech CEOs faced Congress for an antitrust hearing to discuss fair play and data security, among other topics. TikTok's new U.S. CEO Kevin Mayer issued a statement defending the app and its security practices, asking for every tech company to be transparent and held accountable. He also took a shot at Facebook.

Will Bill Gates use TikTok to implant children with a tracking chip that makes them do Chinese dance crazes? Will Microsoft bring back Zune? Stay tuned for an official announcement from the President.