The long-rumored ending of the Guy Oseary era at Maverick finally came to an end Wednesday with a press release and not so much as a whisper campaign.

Oseary will continue to manage Madonna and U2, both of whom have very long associations with Live Nation, and consult for LN CEO Michael Rapino. The news hardly rattled the stock price, which has been rising (most recently after Live Nation dropped out of a plan to spend $400m+ to acquire 51% of the Mexico-based promoter OCESA); it’s been over $50 a share all week after ending last week at $46.45, despite generating zero income from shows.

Look for former Maverick managers to rejoin Artist Nation. Most parties involved agree that the experiment, which began seven years ago when LN bought Maverick, didn’t really work, because it didn’t throw off the 1+1=3 dynamic that was hoped for.

Meanwhile, Oseary is said to have developed an amazing new high-tech marketing-data research project, The Community, which will help artists monetize their fanbases.