TikTok has pledged $250m to support front line medical workers, educators, and local communities affected by the global pandemic. Additional commitments include $25m in ads to help trusted organizations deliver public health information, and $100m in ad credits as businesses look to rebuild.

Among the COVID-19 relief efforts TikTok will be supporting with cash contributions are:

The TikTok Health Heroes Relief Fund, with a provision of $150M in funds toward medical staffing, supplies, and hardship relief for health care workers. The company has partnered with the CDC Foundation to donate $15M toward supporting surge staffing for local response efforts through state and local health departments, and has made a $10M contribution to the WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. TikTok's employee matching program will deliver aid to Direct Relief and the Red Cross, and is working with global and local partners to distribute masks and other personal protective equipment to hospitals across India, Indonesia, Italy, South Korea and the U.S.

The TikTok Community Relief Fund, by allotting $40M in cash to local organizations that serve groups representative of TikTok's diverse user communities, including musicians, artists, nurses, educators, and families on the platform. And by further matching $10M in donations to support the community, including programs like After-School All-Stars, where the company has donated $3M to provide food for families, and $2M to MusiCares to support artists, songwriters, and music professionals whose livelihoods have been severely impacted as a result of cancelled performance and gig work.

The TikTok Creative Learning Fund, by providing $50M in grants to educators, professional experts, and nonprofits whose real-world skills and expertise can help spread educational information and useful course material in an accessible, distance learning format.

The company will also be supporting community through initiatives that include:

Helping small and medium-sized businesses restart and rebuild, by providing $100M in ad credits to help companies get back on their feet once economies are able to restart normal activity.

Contributing to public education efforts, by providing $25M in prominent in-feed ad space for NGOs, trusted health sources, and local authorities, enabling them to share important messages with millions of people and meaningfully engage the TikTok community. And by creating a range of in-app resources, educational livestreams, and more which can be found on the COVID-19 Resources Page in the app's Safety Center.

Now, if they could just teach us how to do the Broken Clock Woah, we'd be all set.