Arista's UPSAHL got a deeper understanding of what "sacrificing for your art" means when she was forced to make small talk with the 1,283 radio programmers pictured here following her show at The Peppermint Club. Ironically, her new single, now climbing at the Alternative format, is titled "Smile for the Camera," though after this experience, the phrase would make anyone shudder.

Along with her current Alt heater, UPSAHL's "Drugs" is racking 200k streams per day. Pictured above entertaining either of UPSAHL's song titles are: Gabe Saporta, Arista’s Lana Abruscato and Brian Vinikoor, KNOU and KYKY’s Cat Thomas, Dash Radio’s Dave Sloan, Arista’s Ellen Mangan, Radio Disney’s Austin Bessey, Netflix’s Jonnie Atkinson, All Access Shawn Alexander, Guest, RAMP’s Steve Resnik, KCRW’s Mookie, Arista’s Danny Cooper, The Syndicate’s Bill Burrs, WWCD’s Mase Brazelle, UPSAHL, KKDOO’s Andy Hawk, Arista’s John Boulos, Uncle’s Mark Kordelos, KNDD’s Leslie Scott, KBIG’s John Peake, Steve Nice, Arista’s Chandler Chruma, WNYL’s Mike Kaplan, TuneIn’s Chris Patyk, KYSR’s Andrew Harms, and Apple Music’s Steve Uknuis.