Based on the earliest glance at the tea leaves, Broken Bow's Jason Aldean is expected to take this week's #1 spot with a likely battle for runner-up. Coldplay (Parlophone/Atlantic) and Ten Thousand/Caroline's Trippie Redd were both forecast pre-release to finish the week somewhere close to 80k. Trippie is now expected to come in over 100k. Could the Ohio rapper trip up the Brit band and land at #2? Watch this space for our projections.

Trippie is off to a strong start at the DSPs, with five of the Top 10 tracks at Apple Music U.S. and two in the Top 10 at Spotify U.S.

Another wildcard is Disney's Frozen 2 ST. With an opening-weekend gross of $127m, a second-week surge for the soundtrack would seem to be a certainty; the two editions o fthe album are #1 and #2 at iTunes. Ken Bunt already has his skates on.

In political news, with the impeachment inquiry paused, Rep. Jim Jordan is said to be staying in shape by yelling at random passersby.