In a team-building exercise at Disneyland, the folks who have helped power the stunning breakthrough that is Darkroom/Interscope's Billie Eilish convene for a quick strategy session, clad in matching Billie Blohsh T-shirts with mouse ears for the occasion. It was swiftly determined that the stealthy placement of a few extra dolls could transform "It's a Small World" into a terrifying nightmare replete with black tears. Seen staying on brand are (top, l-r) Interscope PR's Rebecca Marlis, publicist Alexandra Baker, Darkroom founder/head Justin Lubliner, Interscope head of International Jurgen Grebner, manager Brandon Goodman, IGA International's Nick Miller and IGA touring exec Carl Ryan and (bottom, l-r): Interscope marketing player Hannah Gold, IGA Creative's Chelsea Dodson, Paradigm's Sara Bollwinkel, manager Danny Rukasin and IGA digital guy Spencer Moya.