For the next week, we picture everyone in the music business hitting the gym, sticking to the diet they swore was “the one” at the start of the year and practicing saying “hey buddy” with conviction prior to the arrival of a week of Grammy events. Before we head to the thrift shop for this year’s tuxedo collection, we wanted to share this week’s HITS High 5.

The Grammy Awards folks continue to roll out the names of performers, announcing Red Hot Chili Peppers with Post Malone, Miley Cyrus, Brandi Carlile and H.E.R.

Several artists said “why do we have to wait until Friday?” as new releases popped up from J.Cole, XXXTentacion, Julia Michaels and Weezer.

iHeartMedia has an approved plan for restructuring and new contracts for Chairman/CEO Bob Pittman and President/COO/CFO Rich Bressler.

In Nashville, Joy Williams delivered a triumphantly unadorned sneak peak of this May’s Front Porch (sensibility/Thirty Tigers).

Musicians doing the right thing: John Prine fed TSA workers in Nashville and Ellie Goulding promoted climate change science to world leaders in Davos.

Meanwhile, in Washington, Donald Trump demonstrated clearly that he has never personally entered a grocery store. The joke writes itself.