Ariana Grande’s latest continues to run rings around the competition, this week circling the top slot among the greatest gainers on the Shazam Top 100 charts in the U.S. and the U.K.

The Republic star’s “7 Rings” hits #5 on the Shazam USA Top 100 in its first few days of release and #13 in Blighty, where an IKEA ad is making Roy Orbison’s “In Dreams” popular again.

Meanwhile, back in the States. The condition of Mickey Newbury’s version of his “Just Dropped In” greatly improves after a sync on the opening episode of the new season of True Detective. Kenny Rogers and the First Edition had the hit though it was first recorded by Teddy Hill & the Southern Soul and then Jerry Lee Lewis. A sync on ABC’s Grown-ish got thumbs a-clicking on Leikeli47’s “Tic Boom” (Hardcover/RCA).

Mustard & Migos’ new collab, “Pure Water” (10 Summers/Interscope),” is also drinking in the attention from attentive listeners as is Rod Maine’s “Nascar” from last year.