As the British Government flails around undecided over the terms under which it will exit the EU, a number of U.K. music industry figures have joined forces to urge those in charge to “find a way out of this mess” and maintain the current influence and freedom to trade with sister countries.

Under the title Music4EU, a letter has been signed by musicians including Annie Lennox, Chrissie Hynde, Paloma Faith and film composer David Arnold. It's also backed by Ed Sheeran’s manager Stuart Camp, Creation founder Alan McGee, Wildlife MD Emma Greengrass, Beggars Group, Raw Power, the Music Managers Forum, composer and songwriter society BASCA, the Association of Independent Music, and others.

The letter says that the current direction of the U.K.'s proposed departure from the EU represents a “significant threat” to the British music industry due to increased cost in reaching consumers and accessing international markets.

Over the past few days, there has been turmoil and uncertainty over the Brexit deal. PM Theresa May postponed a crucial vote because there wasn’t enough support in Government for her terms, largely relating to how the U.K. trades with Ireland. She will now attempt to convince those who have objected and revise the deal before trying another vote before 1/21.

The letter from Music4EU continues: “No one voted for this situation, whether they voted to leave or remain. It is critical to find a way out of this mess, and therefore we ask you to examine alternative options to maintain our current influence and freedom to trade.”

Digital expert Sammy Andrews, who helped coordinate the campaign, said “Brexit is an unmitigated disaster for Britain’s world-leading music industry.” AIM CEO Paul Pacifico added: “The music industry delivered £4.5b to the economy last year, and yet it feels like so far we have been utterly ignored in the Brexit deal. We, therefore, renew our call on all sides to include the specific provisions we need to continue to thrive."

View the letter and signatories in full here.