Some Things Are Just "Meant to Be"

There was nothing premeditated about the creation of “Meant to Be,” Warner Bros. writer/artist Bebe Rexha’s genre-crossing collaboration with Florida Georgia Line, which topped three different charts and enjoyed a record-breaking run on the country chart. It’s a perfect example of life and art intersecting.

You had success as a songwriter for other artists before breaking out as an artist—what were your biggest takeaways from that chapter of your career?
Being a songwriter made me realize the most important thing in my entire career—the power of the pen. For me as a songwriter, the turning point was “The Monster”; I feel like after that song, I was taken more seriously, and it gave me power and respect that I hadn’t had previously.

Your collaboration with Florida Georgia Line was an unexpected pairing that yielded huge results. Tell us about the way that came together and your sense of why it connected so powerfully.
We both had other sessions that day, and mine didn’t go too well, so I wasn’t really interested in going to another. My manager pushed me to go in, as the studio was around the corner from my house. Tyler [Hubbard] was feeling the same way, and his wife convinced him to go, saying, “If it’s meant to be for you to write a hit, you’ll write a hit.” That’s where the idea came from. So FGL went in and did what they do best, and I went in and did what I do best. Everyone can relate to the idea, which is why people have connected to it—it’s just a great song, no matter the genre.

You’ll be part of Cyndi Lauper’s holiday benefit, which fights homelessness among LGBTQ youth. What about this cause made you want to get involved?
I love Cyndi and had the pleasure of performing with her this year alongside Kesha at the Grammys—it was a really special moment. I’m a huge supporter of the LGBTQ community, particularly the youth, who are a big part of my fanbase; for me, love is love. I was born and raised in NYC, so supporting this cause in my hometown was an easy decision.

What do the Grammys signify to you?
The Grammys are the pinnacle for any musician. It’s what we all dream of—hoping one day to be up on that stage receiving an award and recognition for all the hard work.

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