Are you surprised that one of the most powerful political anthems in recent memory has come from The O'Jays? You shouldn't be.

The R&B icons and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees, whose new "Above the Law" is a righteously furious take on the present ugliness, have long spoken truth to power. "For the Love of Money," you'll recall, was a blistering response to greed, corruption and injustice in the Nixon era.

But those forces of repression are riding high these days, and "Above the Law," the first salvo from the band's forthcoming S-Curve set, The Last Word—their first studio album in 20 years, due out on 2/22—offers the kind of sane, soulful testimony we've been missing. Check out the lyric video below and see how the brilliant, passionate vocal interplay between the group's Eddie Levert, Sr., Walter Williams, Sr. and Eric Noland Grant hits your ears like a rare and replenishing blast of truth.

"The man with the pen in his hand changes the lay and the law of the land," the song goes.

"Law" was co-written by the great Betty Wright and Angelo Morris and produced by S-Curve boss Steve Greenberg, Wright, Mike Mangini and Sam Hollander.

"We are all blessed to live in this great country, but to keep it great it requires us to be vigilant in preserving our democracy," Williams warns. "This means voting regardless of the obstacles put in front of us and also making sure that our laws are followed. Nobody is above the law, and we need to keep it this way."