On the occasion of Aaron Bay-Schuck's official start as Co-Chairman/CEO of Warner Bros. Records, he received a warm, official welcome from WMG Recorded Music chieftain Max Lousada. "Aaron is at the forefront of a new generation of leaders and has a true fan's infectious love of music," proclaimed Lousada in an internal memo obtained by HITS. "In keeping with WBR's history as a beacon for creative pioneers, he's one of those bright talents that both game-changing artists and gifted executives gravitate towards."

Lousada also had warm words for Co-Chairman/COO Tom Corson and "the fantastic job he's been doing since coming on board nine months ago," adding, "Tom and Aaron will make a dynamic partnership."

He noted that, with the new team in place and the label relocating to L.A.'s Artist District, "this is a pivotal moment in the story of an iconic label."

Lousada also opined that Aaron's new headshot had "gravitas up the ying-yang."