Eminem's surprise drop Kamikaze had a marvelous Labor Day weekend on the major streaming platforms as well as retail. There's no physical yet, so that retail is entirely digital. Will Kamikaze fly past Revival, which logged 267k in its first week out last December?

If our projection holds up, it will clear that bar with ease.

Eminem (Shady/Aftermath/Interscope) 290-330k total activity, 155-170k albums

Marshall has the #1 album at iTunes as well as four of the Top 10 singles, including the #2 (“The Ringer”) and #3 (“Lucky You”) songs. He has seven of Top 10 at Apple Music, including #1 and #2 (the same two in the same order) and #1 album.

Spotify U.S.: six in Top 10 with “Lucky You” #1, “The Ringer” #2.

Spotify Global: “The Ringer” #1, “Lucky You” #3, “Greatest” #7.

Kamikaze is the #1 digital album at Amazon, and "The Ringer" is #2.