Everybody in the business knows that Billboard’s chart methodology is a mess. It’s not just Nicki Minaj’s tirade against all things bundle-able. The real problem is that nobody on its staff understands the complexities of today’s business—and not one top executive there has ever worked for the rights holders.

Add to this mix the severely tarnished John Amato, who led the Bible to its latest stupidity like a drunken NYC Uber driver with no GPS, and matters get especially ugly. Amato had been on a self-aggrandizement trajectory of late, and if that $18 million payout he’s so brazenly been telling friends about is accurate, he did succeed. Which makes his own story even more vile.

But the damage can’t be laid at his feet alone: The place has been a shit show for the entirety of the 21st century. It has no vision and no voice; it gets zero respect. Its charts were the last vestige of a once-great brand, and now even that’s over. Billboard is now regarded as the #4 music trade in the business. Or maybe #5.

One ray of hope: The new management team from Media Rights Capital (MRC), Modi Wiczyk and Asif Satchu—who boast massive success in film (Baby Driver) and TV (House of Cards)—may yet figure this puzzle out. Smart guys with great access haven’t always had the right stuff to figure out music’s conundrums, but hey, you never know. Those who know the pair well say they’re egoless in their process.

One thing’s for sure: They won’t be led around the ring by the nose by the likes of Lyor Cohen and his truthless banter. Biz watchers wonder when the YouTube brain trust will jettison him like all his past partners or employers—except for one, of course.