In a 5,000-word piece, The Wall Street Journal thoroughly dissects the ambition, intentions and empire of Scooter Braun, starting with a business meeting and closing with thoughts on a political future.

What do we learn about the man who manages Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and Kanye West, runs Schoolboy Records and Sheba Publishing and has made philanthropy a key to his operation?

“I want to build an asset-driven business, and I want to make my clients a part of everything I’m doing. Go into the branding business, consumer products, food, apparel. We need to expand in those places.

“I think I’m just an entrepreneur—really, that’s the definition of it. If my ambition was to stay a manager the rest of my life, then I’d probably follow what people think managers are supposed to be like, but my ambition was never to be a manager.”

He says his holding company, Ithaca, has seeded numerous enterprises that he will not discuss: “The biggest pieces of my business are not public.” His movie and TV production division has 30 projects in development, one of which is an online series for Lewis Howes, the former arena league football player who wrote the best-seller The School of Greatness.

And then there’s politics, which he steers his clients away from. It works for him, though, as an outsider.

“The idea of activism is very real for me,” Braun says, leaning forward. “I stay up wrestling with it. I know in my heart that we can all make a difference, and we have a responsibility to each other. Do I keep fighting for No. 1 records or do I fight for that?”

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