Spotify has updated its mobile streaming app to make music-sharing accessible through a code-scanning feature, in lieu of nixing their inbox feature back in February.

Apparently unclear on what to call the new feature, Spotify's support twitter has taken to calling the codes "Spotify Scannables" while the actual website refers to them as Spotify Codes. Whatever they are, the recent Spotify update has made the code available in the options menu of every individual song along with albums and playlists. The codes themselves resemble little sound-wave barcodes, and work by using the camera feature which has been added to the search bar. When held over the code on your pal's phone the app will recognize it and take you straight to the song.

The feature works surprisingly fast, and is more than a little fun. Since you're probably on your phone when you're with friends anyway the codes give you an excuse to have a little more engagement in the physical world.