Mitch Glazier will replace Cary Sherman as Chairman and CEO of the RIAA in 2019. For the next two years, he will hold the title of president.

Currently the RIAA’s Senior Executive VP, he will assume the top job on 1/1/19. Sherman, Chairman and CEO since 2011 and president for 10 years before that, has worked for the RIAA since 1997 and had an association with the organization for more than 40 years.

Julie Swidler, EVP, Business Affairs and General Counsel, Sony Music Entertainment, praised Glazier as “a savvy and strategic thinker who will help lead our community as we navigate an always challenging political landscape.”

“Mitch brings that rare combination of policy chops, political sophistication and a forward-looking view of the business that we need to succeed,” Jeffrey Harleston, General Counsel and Executive Vice President of Business & Legal Affairs for Universal Music Group. “A proven advocate who works well with those across the music community and our partners, Mitch is more than ready to take the next step in leadership. Needless to say, he has large shoes to fill.”

Added Paul Robinson, EVP and General Counsel, Warner Music Group, “Cary’s peerless work has helped strengthen the rights of creators through groundbreaking legal victories, enactment of pro-creator legislation and important industry partnerships.”

Prior to joining the RIAA in 2000, Glazier was Chief Counsel for intellectual property to the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives.