Singer. Dancer. Performer. Smokin’ hot model. But enough about Maverick’s Greg Thompson. We’re here to talk about Ukrainian-bred artist Pavlova, the latest addition to the management giant’s roster, fresh Republic signing and exponent of Victoria’s Secret Sport, who’s quickly gathering an ardent fan base. Inked to the House of Ethos on the strength of her demos (with no consideration whatsoever of her abundant pulchritude), she sashayed into the studio with producers Diplo (Justin Bieber, Major Lazer) and Detail (Beyoncé, Drake) to work on her forthcoming EP; the EDM-pop single “Burn Brighter” is the first taste, and it’s living up to its name on Spotify’s “Hiit Pop” workout playlist. Check it out, and try not to get too winded. Somewhere, Greg is the pride of his spin class.