Tidal’s parent company Roc Nation has asked a Minnesota probate court to honor a deal struck between Jay Z and Prince that gives the streaming service exclusive rights to the late singer-guitarist’s music.

CNNMoney obtained a copy of the petition which was filed Friday. Roc Nation contends Prince struck a deal in 2015 granting Tidal the worldwide digital streaming rights to his next two newly recorded and previously unreleased studio albums, plus his catalogue.

The estate signed a deal with Universal Music Publishing Group last month that, theoretically, would open the door for a wider release of Prince’s recordings. Prince died in April from an accidental overdose.

The petition states that Prince’s name and likeness could not be used to promote other streaming services, and that Roc Nation needs to be informed of any deal the estate strikes.

CNNMoney reported that the filing states "Petitioners are concerned that the Special Administrator may be negotiating with third parties concerning the digital streaming of the musical assets, or other rights to exploit the musical assets, which prospective arrangements may contravene or negatively impact the rights of the Petitioners."

Tidal started streaming 15 Prince albums to commemorate his birthday in June. The estate has reportedly questioned whether Tidal has a deal for that music, much of which was released during his ‘80s heyday on Warner Bros.