Negotiations for the rights from the Prince estate are said to be headed into the home stretch. Insiders are speculating as to why Londel McMillan is handling the recorded music deal and Charlie Koppelman (pictured) is handling the publishing side. Could it be bandwidth?

Londell brought in Charlie in to help with the negotiations because of the time they spent together working on previous deals for Prince.

There’s pressure coming from multiple sides: the estate’s heirs to "show them the money" and the judge is said to have given the dynamic duo a deadline to present offers to the court for approval.

Since Prince reconciled with Warner Bros. two years before his death in April, it certainly gives the Burbank crew the inside track on the unreleased material at the epicenter of the recorded music deal.

Both pacts are said to be massive, but it’s been almost three decades since either of them had any sort of deal of this magnitude. Wonderers are wondering why no top music business attorney—Grubman, Branca, Passman or Katz—were not brought in to get the lawyering done toot suite.