If someone’s asked you recently if you’ve heard Maggie Rogers, you’re not alone. The 22-year-old student at NYU’s Clive Davis institute (part of the Tisch School of the Arts), has become a trending topic in the biz after blowing away none other than class visitor Pharrell Williams. She’s now gotten representation in the form of Michael McDonald, Jonathan Eshak and Zeke Hutchins of Mick Management (Of Monsters and Men, Leon Bridges, Childish Gambino), is being courted by multiple labels and is selling with song “Alaska,” which you can hear in this clip.

Maryland native Rogers grew up playing folk on the banjo, but in her travels was inspired to incorporate EDM elements in her compositions. Pharrell listened to her song and was clearly awestruck, likening her to Stevie Wonder. “I’ve never heard anything like that,” he said.

Photo: Katia Temkin