Scott Shannon will return to return to his “Morning Zoo” days Friday (4/1) at WCBS-FM with a live broadcast from downtown New York’s Adorama Live Theatre.

Shannon’s current cohosts on “The Big Show”—Patty Steele, Joe Nolan, John Elliot and Brad Blanks—will go head-to-head with Z100’s Ross Brittain, Claire Stevens, Jonathan B. Bell and Mr. Leonard. Shannon founded the original “Morning Zoo” at Z100, WHTZ, in August 1983.

The Z Morning Zoo was famous for its rise from worst to first in fewer than 90 days in 1983. New York magazine named Shannon “the wizard of pop radio” at the time. He’ll be returning to the music of the era—Michael Jackson, Duran Duran, etc.—as the show reminisces about the zoo format’s beginnings.