ZAYN’s Mind of Mine—make that MIND OF MINE—is out, and it has been at the top of the iTunes album chart since release on Friday (3/25). That‘s precisely the same spot in which we expect to see the RCA release on the HITS Top 50 Albums Chart this Friday.

The latest projections put the album at 120-130k in sales and 160-180k SPS.

The big moment occasioned the following quote from ZAYN’s manager Sarah Stennett, who renders her name as well as that of her client in the conventional upper- and lower-case manner:

"Everyone at First Access Entertainment will of course be thrilled to achieve a #1 album with Zayn in the US. We really view the release of MOM as just the beginning of his solo career. We are very proud that Zayn has made the album he wanted to make with no compromise and such purpose and vision. I watched him record this album, and I know that it came from the heart. I am very confident that this album represents the start of a very long, successful career for Zayn.”

The erstwhile 1D star celebrated by performing “Like I Would” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in front of an extremely receptive studio audience. Take a gander below.

The dude calls himself @ZaynMalik on Twitter, where he was extremely active last night, noting that the album is also available for delivery from Postmates, and that the video for “BeFoUr” (that’s how he renders it, bOyZ and giRlZ) is now live on Vevo.