Zane Lowe Interview With Taylor Swift Appears After Concert Film Announcement

After announcing that the upcoming release of The 1989 Tour LIVE—due 12/20 on Apple MusicBig Machine's Taylor Swift revealed a corresponding interview with Beats 1 tastemaker Zane Lowe. The videotaped Q&A takes place in a nearly empty Olympic Stadium in Sydney, Australia just before the final stop of the tour, which is also the gig seen in her exclusive concert video.

In the clip, she discusses the growth of her career, making the transition from country to pop, her new personal relationship with Apple (and the open letter that started it all), her insecurities, her awe and what it took to make The 1989 Tour as explosive as it was.

"My career didn’t go from 0-100. It’s been ten years since I put out my first album… I’ve had time to adjust to it and kind of think about the way I’m approaching it, the way I’m handling it," shares Swift. "1989 was a huge change for me. I knew I wanted to step out of country and go into pop. I knew I wanted to be very transparent about it. Of course I got a lot of resistance from every part of my team on that, because if something’s working, a lot of people wonder why you would change that. I just wanted to make something different than I’d ever made before. I kind of made this record on my own, turned it into the label and said this is what it is."

Watch the whole interview below, and see the trailer for the Apple Music exclusive here.