Controversial Star Expected to Drop New Set on MTV Extravaganza

Rumor has it Miley Cyrus will drop her new RCA album—said to be strongly experimental and informed by her obsession with alternative torch-bearers Flaming Lips (and herbal supplements, as she notes herself below)—to coincide with Sunday night's VMAs.

Miley wrote and produced the set in her home studio, and has noted via the socials that the only outside assistance came in the form of beats.

Meanwhile, Miley has pledged a "raw" and "psychedelic" VMAs show. In a profile/Q&A piece with the New York Times' Joe Coscarelli, Miley discusses her plans "between freshly rolled joints," noting that last year's show lacked energy because it didn't have a host.

Cyrus has scored a number of magazine covers of late, including Marie Claire and Paper; she told the former that she planned to give her new album away for free. Label brass is said to be strongly supportive of her artistic vision, however she may choose to express it.

This week she appeared on Kimmel, sporting pasties and repeatedly flashing the host—and also turned in a funny on-the-street segment disguised as an Australian reporter, during which she asked folks what they thought of Miley Cyrus. All the Kimmel content went viral in a huge way. She'll be doing a Tumblr Q&A later this afternoon.

Comedian/actor/writer Seth Rogen reportedly contributed some comedic material for the VMAs, and Cyrus will not only appear in his upcoming film The Night Before but will headline Rogen's Hilarity for Charity event, benefiting the Alzheimer's Association, in L.A. on 10/17.

Miley's 2013 set Bangerz has moved 1.1 million albums (2.1 million TEA) and about 10.3 million tracks (notably the monsters "Wrecking Ball" and "We Can't Stop").

In 2013, she got tongues other than her own wagging with a raunchy, playful appearance alongside Robin Thicke. She was also single-handedly responsible for the addition of "twerking" to the Oxford English Dictionary. You may recall that we weighed in then.

This time, she told Coscarelli, "They said, 'This is your party.'" We are rolling our own joints in anticipation.

Meanwhile, expect more hints, teases and announcements leading up to Sunday night's show. Is it too much to hope for an appearance by Donald Trump? And when will MTV roll out its reality series about the guy who founded Ashley Madison?