Ke$ha Question Was Just the Tip of the Iceberg

"In three years, Justin Bieber will be: (i) Headlining arenas or (ii) on a VH1 reality show?"

This question, part of the industry bible's widely excoriated "confidential survey" of the biz, got less attention than the appallingly insensitive one asking whether readers "believe" Ke$ha or Dr. Luke. But the Bieber question is one of several other queries that have provoked industry peeps (most notably Irving Azoff, who let go with both barrels to the New York Post's Page Six).

The Bieber dig would be insulting enough as an example of the bible's increasingly "anti-artist" tone, several insiders have noted, but it's especially stunning given that Bieber just served as a headliner at the inaugural Hot 100 Music Festival at Jones Beach. The organizers clearly relied on Bieber's appeal to hype the event; that they would simultaneously ridicule him to the biz, observers say, shows a mind-boggling lack of judgment, decorum and gratitude.

What is mega-manager Scooter Braun's response to this demeaning question, after his stellar efforts to help the BB team with their failed event? Especially with a new, highly anticipated Bieber album on the way and the young star coming off a Top 10 hit?

The fallout from this ill-conceived survey continues, with lots of media pickup and insider disbelief. And will Billboard really print the results of the survey, as promised, in their upcoming issue? Stay tuned.