I.B. Bad’s entry on severe problems at the upcoming Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival, posted last Thursday (8/13).

The Hot 100 Fest, set for the weekend of 8/22-23, is already being referred as "The Nightmare at Jones Beach." Among the reasons most expect the event to be an unmitigated disaster are (1) the bible overpaid by 50 % to get the talent; (2) ticket sales are terrible, with attempts at papering now underway; (3) the BB brain trust decided to go ahead with the fest knowing they’d lose nearly $2m even at 90% of capacity, ignoring the promoters and agents who warned that mounting the fest was a bad idea at this place and time; (4) the show and talent lineup were announced too late, leaving a perilously small window for on the on-sale during a crowded summer season; and (5) for all of the above reasons, it’s shaping up as a really bad look for the show’s headliners. And John Amato is taking the heat.