Mission: Impossible remains on top of the domestic box office for another week to cross the 100m mark, which proves we all still love Tom Cruise in these movies — and significantly crushes the debut week of Fantastic Four, Fox's third theatrical film from that series franchise. Home-invasion thriller The Gift earns a #3 debut, powered by its appeal with women, while Ant-Man sits at #5 and a total $147m in domestic box office after its fourth week in release.

1. Mission: Impossible (Paramount) $29m 3,988/$7,372 avg. (week 2)
2. Fantastic Four (Fox) $26m 3,995/$6,558 avg. (debut)
3. The Gift (2015) (STX) $12m 1,648/$7,286 avg. (debut)
4. Vacation (Warner Bros) $9m 3,430/$2,666 avg. (week 2)
5. Ant-Man (Buena Vista) $7m 2,910/$2,689 avg. (week 4)

Minions sits just outside the Top 5 this week along with the Diablo Cody-written Meryl Streep vehicle Ricky and The Flash, which debuts at #7. Next week, of course, brings us the screen bow of Straight Outta Compton, which looks to make a very loud noise at the box office