Sounds Scintillatin’, Don’t It?

If there are weasels weaseling anywhere within Uber distance, then you know that HITS will have a mole in the mix somewhere. Although we weren’t invited, our informant filled us in on some of the highlights of the first day of the semi-annual Music Summit, taking place in the iHeart Theater in Burbank.

Having learned from last February’s presentation that cocktail receptions and corporate presentations don’t mix, the iHeart crew kicked off the Summit with the iHeartMedia Overview Presentation. The PDs allowed the invited guests, including label execs, managers and brand reps to sit front and center in order to get a sense of the scope of this mega-company. The theme was “partnerships”.

After welcoming the attendees, Tom Poleman introduced President, COO and CFO Rich Bressler, who spoke of the overall reach of the media company: radio, digital, outdoor, events and TV. Several of the format captains, including Brad Hardin, Doc Wynter and John Ivey, spoke about the extensive reach of their respective formats. We were informed that company’s Rock stations reach 99m listeners per month, Country 97m, Urban 76m.

John Sykes talked of iHeart’s Artist Development programs, stressing the theme of partnerships among the labels, artists and brands, and how the company has expanded its reach via distribution partners.

Marissa Morris presented case studies illustrating how the various aspect of the company partner with the labels and artists in long-term ways, from single to album, follow-up singles and tours.

Beyond the sheer volume of numbers, one of the most intriguing parts of the session occurred when Alissa Pollack unveiled an upcoming initiative that would give their partners insights into all of the data iHeart has been able to collect: market-to-market comparisons of airplay, consumer trends and buying tendencies—the who, where and what of artist-fan connectivity.

Poleman summed up the prevailing sentiment of the session when he stated, “Our best days are ahead.”

And as everyone in the room wants to protect their phony-baloney jobs (to quote the great Mel Brooks), we sure hope he’s right.

Next up: The music part of the Music Summit.