Today is a special day,” industry vet Steve Resnik notes in an email to numerous biz veterans. “Yes, today, March 19, 2015 represents the 20th anniversary to the day when we lost our great friend and colleague, Charlie Haynes Minor. Charlie considered you to be his best friend. Well, actually, he considered you and about 650 others as his very best friend. And he tried as hard as he could to hang out with, and / or reach out to all of his "best friends" each and every week.”

Several of Charlie’s best friends are seen in this photo from Bruce’s collection, which appears to be from the early ’90s. Do you recognize any of them? Let us help: Pictured with paragon of debauchery Amy Grant are (l-r) Mark Mazzetti, Charlie, Randy Spendlove, Scot Finck, Steve Bartels, Steve Resnik, Dan Harrell.

Charlie spent most of his storied career at A&M before gracing HITS with his charismatic presence. He was one of a kind—and that’s an understatement.