Forecasts From First-Day Sales

Taylor Swift will return to #1 next week as no new release looks to challenge her for the top spot. Here are this week’s top debuts, with likely album and SPS (Sales Plus Streaming) numbers:

Ne-Yo (Motown) 30-35 sales, 32-37k SPS
Papa Roach (117R) 21-24k sales, 24-27k SPS
Charlie Wilson (RCA) 20-23k sales, 22-25k SPS
George Ezra (Columbia) 18-21k sales, 20-23k SPS

Speaking of George Ezra, the young troubadour was recently featured in a pretty engaging NPR profile that explains the origin of his album title, Wanted on Voyage, and why he wrote "Budapest."

In other news, we're happy to report that the weather in New York City has been downgraded from "Oh my fucking god it's so fucking cold" to "Jesus Christ, I can't believe how cold it is."