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Here are some SXSW highlights through the lens and keyboard of Nancy Goldwin. People in the industry know Nancy as the long time head of marketing for Alliance Entertainment. Take it away, Nancy...

Hole played their first date in years at Spin’s 25th Anniversary at Stubbs. The place was packed! Huge buzz show. She opened with the "Pretty on the Inside" and then went into the Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil." She was funny: taking pot shots at Brett Michaels and doing part of “Every Rose Has Its Thorn,” recounting drunken conversation with Perez Hilton in which she was the sober one, she was lamenting about good hate sex, you know where you punch the person you are with... The band sounded awesome. Other highlights included "Violet," "Ms. World," "Skinny Little Bitch," "Letter to God," "Honey" (which she indicated was her favorite and it would be ours as soon as we heard it). I am not a writer, but I gotta tell you, you knew you were going to get a show—and it was exactly that—a damn fine rock & roll spectacle.


Temper Trap
played the Filter day party at Cedar Street Courtyard. Filter always has amazing bands that people start lining up to see as early as 9 a.m. Now, if you have not been here, it is a longish courtyard that is about six or seven steps down between their two buildings. Ivy growing on the walls, trees... Really a great place to see a show. Temper Trap is one of those bands that whenever I hear “Sweet Disposition” on XM, I always go, I like this—who is it? The harmonies and the beat are truly reminiscent of far too many days gone by, when I was working retail. But they are infectious. Totally. The lead singer Dougie opens his mouth and you totally do not expect that voice. He’s passionate, dancing, beating his chest, raising his hands up in the air. The crowd was with him every note. It was the first thing that I had seen since I’d been here that I said, hell yes! 



played Cedar Street right after Temper Trap. When I was working my way down front, everyone that was trying to get there with me or had been standing there were waiting for BRMC. I love this band—period. I remember seeing them with Kings of Leon. BRMC blew me away, and perhaps sad to say, even after seeing Kings of Leon live, I just don’t get it. [Ed. note: We don’t get that you don’t get it, Nancy.] BRMC’s sound has changed, but they haven’t. Black leather jackets (did I mention it was about 72 and sunny here today?), Ray-Bans, black jeans, black T’s. And shit, you gotta love a band that names themselves from Brando’s The Wild One. Rock & roll, baby!

What can I say about Metric other than I am in love. Emily Haines has more fun on stage than anyone I have seen in a long time. They were cleverly slotted before Muse’s surprise show at Stubbs, and the line was forming before the Spin afternoon event was over. She comes out on stage in her silvery dress and blonde hair, and you think she is going to be some petite flower. NOT. She rocks. dances, head-bangs, slings a guitar, plays keys and other assorted knobbies. And sings the most freaking infectious songs on the planet. Go ahead, listen to “Help I’m Alive” and not have that in your head all freakin’ day. I wanted to hate this record when I came out—way too much buzz for me—but I could not help it, it got under my skin in the most wonderful way. As I am watching her, a smile comes across my face and I can only think of things like Taylor Swift and her Auto-tune fiasco or Lady Gaga, who I like but feel sometimes her larger-than-life personality takes away from her talent. And there is Emily and cohorts. You get the feeling that even if no one were watching, she’d still be singing at the top of her lungs and dancing like a banshee. (3/22a)

Scott Dudelson was fast on his feet—and his shutter—in Austin these last few days. Here's a sampling of the bands the tech entrepreneur and photographer checked out. Run your mouse over each pic for the I.D. (3/21a)

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