Great White Way Follies

BROADWAY FOLLIES: Tommy Tune crooning Sid Vicious’ version of “My Way"? Flower Drum Song’s Pat Suzuki rapping Diddy joints? Barbara Barrie, Barney Miller’s wife on the ‘70s sitcom, warbling Radiohead’s “Creep”? Dick Cavett as a cross-dresser from San Francisco moonwalking and doing rope tricks? Is this a fevered Great White Way nightmare? No, it’s The Last Dance, a new would-be Broadway musical featuring veteran show biz types performing the songs of The Police, Guns N’ Roses, R.E.M., Iggy Pop, Joni Mitchell, Diana Ross and Donna Summers. Conceived by choreographer Jonathan Butterall (Lestat) and produced by David Binder (Raisin in the Sun), The Last Dance seems to be inspired by the rocking seniors who were the subject of the 2008 U.K. documentary Young at Heart. No dates for its official opening. (8/27p)