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YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND: Troubadours was inspired by and serves as a companion piece to Taylor and King’s three-night, six-show run in November 2007, documented on the Hear Music/Concord hit album Live at the Troubadour. On those shows, the artists were once again backed by guitarist Danny Kortchmar, bassist Lee Sklar and drummer Russ Kunkel, all members of their renowned original band The Section. In the film’s culminating moments, Kortchmar describes what made the singer/songwriter era so special, and what continues to drive the artists who sprang from it. “This is what we’re here for—we’re here to get people to feel,” he says to Kunkel and Sklar. “That’s what James and Carole are doing. We’re not here for ourselves; we’re here to get them to remember what it’s like to feel, and to remind them of their own humanity. That’s what great music is supposed to do—nothing less.” Good stuff. (3/2a)