Mog in TVs, Mini

MOG MAKES MAJOR & MINI MOVES: Another music streaming service Mog, has made deals with LG, Samsung and Vizio, which will offer Mog on their Internet-ready TVs; with wireless home system Sonos; and, in a first, with Mini, which will integrate the on-demand service into its cars. “When you are thinking about buying into a cloud-based music service,” Mog founder David Hyman told the N.Y. Times, “I imagine you asking yourself, ‘Can I use this on my phone? Can I use it in my car? Will it work in my new TV?’ The value of these services goes up the more places consumers can access you.” Six-year-old, Berkeley-based Mog, which transformed itself in 2009 from a social networking site into a sub service, offers around 10 million tracks at $5 a month on PCs alone, or $10 for mobile access as well. On new TVs and home theater systems, Mog will be a preinstalled feature, and in the Mini it can be activated by plugging in a smartphone. Mog users paying $5 will get access through their TVs, but the $10 subscription is needed for Sonos and the Mini. (3/9a)