120 Minutes, Pinfield return

BACK TO THE FUTURE: 120 Minutes, beloved by those who lived through PoMo’s golden age in the late 20th century, will return to MTV2 as a monthly show beginning later this year, and as a weekly online show, 120 Seconds, beginning tomorrow morning (3/18), on MTV Hive, MTVN announced. And who better to host the iconic series but Matt Pinfield? “I am elated and proud to be part of bringing back one of the most influential and longest running music shows in the network's history,” the Mattster entuses. “Everywhere I go, people from all over the world-talk about how much 120 Minutes shaped their musical tastes and how much they missed it… I'm looking forward to the exciting present and future of 120 Minutes and 120 Seconds!" Adds EVP Music and Talent Amy Doyle: “The signature of MTV’s 120 Minutes was the unparalleled passion for and perspective on the latest music and artists that were off the mainstream media’s radar. Being able to bring back that music ethos and Matt Pinfield back as host was essential, but we also needed to reinvent the 120 Minutes franchise through a multi-screen experience that a whole new generation of music fans would appreciate—and we believe we’ve accomplished that.” (3/17a)