Supremes Nix Eminem Suit

SUPREMES NIX UMG APPEAL IN EMINEM SUIT: The U.S. Supreme Court will not rule in the legal battle between Eminem's former production company and Universal Music Group over downloads of the rapper's songs and ringtones. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that F.B.T. Productions' contract entitled the hip-hop star and his producers to a 50-50 split with UMG for recordings licensed to digital distributors. The label had paid them 12% of sales, the agreed-upon rate for physical albums. UMG appealed the decision. Said a UMG spokesperson: "The case has always been about one agreement with unique language. As it has been made clear during this case, the ruling has no bearing on any other recording agreement and does not create any legal precedent." (3/21p)