HITS 25th Anniversary Shot

To mark Antonio “L.A.” Reid’s new deal with Simon Cowell’s X Factor, HITS’ 25th anniversary time machine takes you to L.A., Oct. 23, 1990, for what was known back then as "a listening party," hosted by Clive Davis, of course, for the release of Whitney Houston’s third album, I’m Your Baby Tonight. The diva was still a fresh-faced ingénue, with Bobby Brown nowhere in sight. Pictured in the good old days (and maybe again in the not-too-distant future) are the following icons, who had no idea just 21 years later none of them would be earning as much as Kim Kardashian (l-r): Stevie Wonder, Kenny “Babyface” Edmunds, Whitney, L.A., Narada Michael-Walden and Davis. (3/22p)