Tuchman Exits Alliance

TUCHMAN EXITING ALLIANCE: Alan Tuchman, longtime President/CEO of Coral Springs-based Alliance Entertainment, confirms today that he will be leaving the company as of May 1. Tuchman, who is responsible for engineering the deal with Platinum Equity and the Gores Group to acquire the wholesale giant back from Source Interlink last September, started with then-Bassin One-Stop some 24 years ago. Tuchman tells us: “As hard a decision as this was to make, this is the perfect time for me to take my leave.” The rest of the company, including Tuchman’s longtime number two, Robbie DeFreitas, will be staying on. Tuchman’s successor has not yet been named. As one of the hottest free agents in the business, his next move will be closely monitored. Stay tuned for action. (4/12p)