Ticketmaster Joins MarketShare

TICKETMASTER LINKS WITH MARKET-SHARE: Ticketmaster has partnered with MarketShare to develop pricing tools to help clients set and adjust prices for their live events. The forecasting tools and pricing engine will allow promoters to better estimate the value of their ticket inventory throughout the entire process, both prior to, and during, the on-sale. The service will be part of Ticketmaster's recently launched LiveAnalytics, which is focused on utilizing the company's global fan data resources to develop data analytics products that provide clients with methods to improve ticket sales. Ticketmaster plans to roll out its dynamic pricing tools for the MLB, NBA and NHL and concert tours. The company also has future plans to develop a tool for arts and theater using a wide range of data sources, from historical ticket sales to search and video activity and social media data, allowing clients to see a snapshot of meaningful data. (4/18p)