CD Baby Links to Facebook for Artists' Stores

CD BABY, FACEBOOK SET UP SHOP: CD Baby has launched a new MusicStore app for Facebook, a customizable store for musicians to sell downloads and CDs directly to fans on the social network. The MusicStore integrates into an artist’s Facebook Band Page, allowing fans to listen to, purchase and share their music. CD Baby handles the transaction processing, music delivery, customer service and artist payout. The MusicStore App is free for all CD Baby artists, with all song files, metadata and bio information already stored in the database. It allows artists the choice of offering either 30-second samples or full song streams. “This solves the problem of selling your music on Facebook,” said CD Baby President Brian Felsen. “We handle all the logistics, allowing the artist to focus on what matters—writing, recording and performing.” In the five days since launch, more than 1,500 artist stores have been set up. (10/5p)