BlackBerry problems

’BERRY, ’BERRY FRUSTRATING: Disruptions to BlackBerry service continued around the world for a third consecutive day, with some customers in the U.S. and Canada complaining of backlogged, delayed or missing emails, the Wall Street Journal reports. Late Tuesday, RIM blamed disruptions that had plagued users in Europe, the Mideast, India, Latin America and Africa on a failed switch and backup. The company said the problem had been fixed, but that it could take some time to work through a "backlog" of data that the company's network hadn't been able to ship to users. RIM told mobile operators in the U.K. and Germany that its hotfix, a software patch that should rectify the problem, "should be up and running in the next three hours, but there will be a queue of traffic for, possibly for the rest of the day, certainly the rest of the working day." North American disruptions appear to be relatively minor this morning, though one Toronto radio station reported widespread customer complaints. (10/12a)